Football Records

Leetonia Football

State Champs-1945,1954,56

Tri- County Champs- 1952,1954,1980,1982,1983,1984,1992,2000,2007,2008

State Playoffs- 2000,2002,2004,2007,2008

Most wins for a coach at Leetonia- Art Altomare with 157 wins

 Season Records 

Yards Rushing- Marco Ferry with 1,915 yards in 2019

TDS Scored- Aaron Merrill with 20 TDS in 2004

Yards Passing- Eric Hiscox with 2,002 yards in 1998

TD Passes- Lynn Crider with 17 in 1986

Receptions- Tim Trombitas with 65 receptions in 1968

Yards Receiving- Tim Trombitas with 925 yards in 1968

Punting Average- Dave Deville with 48.5 yards in 1979

Most TD Receiving- Tim Trombitas with 13 TD in 1968

Most Solo Tackles-Devan Miller with 104 tackles in 2011

Most Sacks- Dennis Holisky with 12.5 sacks in 1981

Game Records 

Yards Rushing-Marco Ferry with 330 yards in 2019

Longest Rush- V. Altomare with a 97 yard run in 1925

Yards Passing- Ed Casey with 309 yards in 1968

TD Passes- Lynn Crider with 5 TDS in 1986

TD Passes Caught- Tim Trombitas with 3 TD catches in 1968

Yards Receiving- Justin Colella with 222 yards in 2009

Passes Caught- Larry Roberts with 10 passes caught in 1987

TD Scored- 5 TD’s in a game

Aaron Merrill in 1999

Roman Ferry in 2017

Marco Ferry is 2019

Longest Punt Return- Jake Kruegel with a return of 87 yards in 2007

Interceptions in a game- 3 Interceptions

Mason, D. Deville, K. Todd, J. Kruegel

Sacks in a Game- Brady Shepard with 5 sacks in 2015

Tackles in a game- Jim Knepper with 26 tackles in 1982

PAT- Aaron Merrill with 8 in 2004

Longest Field Goal- David Andrade with 42 in 1996

Made- Josh Faulkner with 4 in 2013